Thursday, January 31, 2013


With Valentine's Day just right around the corner we couldn't help but look for some craft inspiration. Valentine's Day is the perfect holiday to make something homemade, whether it is a gift or decoration. Here are three great DIY projects we wanted to share. 

Count down to Valentine's Day by completing 14 acts of love throughout February. 
-colored rice
-clear jar
-14 straws or pencils or stick or pixie sticks
-printable: Valentine's 14 Acts of Love

1. Color your rice red, pink, purple, or you can even leave it white. 

2. Find a clear vase or jar and make sure it’s dry inside. Pour your rice into the jar. You could layer your colored rice with different colors and it would look so cute!  

3. Download and print out your hearts and “acts of love” printable

4. Then cut out your hearts and sayings.
5. Glue or tape a straw or stick or pencil or pixie stick to each of the 14 hearts, to use as the stick. 
6. Add a decorative ribbon around the mouth of the jar. Also add the 14 Acts of Love words of the printable to the bottom of the jar to help remember what this project is all about.
7. Place each heart stick into the jar full of rice.

Use pink and red paint chips to make bookmarks. Perfect for a teacher or student Valentine's Day gift or even to add in a card for a friend. 
-paint chips
-heart shaped paper punch
-circular hole punch

1. Carefully place the heart shaped punch in the dead center of each color on the paint chip. With firm, even pressure, push down on the punch to create a heart cutout. 

2. Using the circular hole punch, create a centered hole at the top of the paint chip for your ribbon tassel. 

3. Cut pieces of ribbon twice as long as the desired length of your tassel. Fold the ribbon in half, and place the ends of the ribbon through the circular hole.

4. Insert the two ends of the ribbon through the loop and gently pull up on the ends of the ribbon until the ribbon is taut and secure.

For those of you that don't have the time to craft this adorable sign is pre-made and for sale on Etsy. However, it would not be hard to replicate using wooden letters, scrapbook paper, modge podge, and ribbon. 

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