Thursday, October 25, 2012


Monday, October 31 is Halloween and it is hard to believe it is almost the end of October already. We love this time of year as it has chill in the air and with Halloween right around the corner it means; it's time to celebrate with costumes and candy. Children shouldn't be the only ones that get to celebrate Halloween. That is why we found some inspiration for the perfect Halloween party for adults to enjoy as well. 

1. Brownie pops: Delicious brownies dipped in cocoa, decorated in black and orange, and made into a lollipop make for an easy but crafty dessert.
2. Perfectly Poisonous Parfait: A great twist on a classic parfait. A little detail and creativity can go a long way.
3. Decorated front-porch: Does this not have Happy Halloween written all over it? What an adorable decorated entry way done without breaking the bank.
4. Food table: These colorful printables created the perfect food setting.
5. Invitation:  Have fun with the invitation and make it as festive as you want.

And always remember you are never too old to celebrate Halloween!

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