Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween! Not only is it Halloween but it's also Pinteresting Wednesday. Here are some of our favorite pins we are loving this week on Pinterest. 

Loving this organized home office space

The perfect one shoulder chevron dress

Chicken parmesan meatballs

Such a stunning tablescape

Delicious s'more bars recipe

Pumpkin Party Cooler
Slug Juice Cocktail

Mini halloween party in an envelope

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Monday, October 31 is Halloween and it is hard to believe it is almost the end of October already. We love this time of year as it has chill in the air and with Halloween right around the corner it means; it's time to celebrate with costumes and candy. Children shouldn't be the only ones that get to celebrate Halloween. That is why we found some inspiration for the perfect Halloween party for adults to enjoy as well. 

1. Brownie pops: Delicious brownies dipped in cocoa, decorated in black and orange, and made into a lollipop make for an easy but crafty dessert.
2. Perfectly Poisonous Parfait: A great twist on a classic parfait. A little detail and creativity can go a long way.
3. Decorated front-porch: Does this not have Happy Halloween written all over it? What an adorable decorated entry way done without breaking the bank.
4. Food table: These colorful printables created the perfect food setting.
5. Invitation:  Have fun with the invitation and make it as festive as you want.

And always remember you are never too old to celebrate Halloween!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


This weeks Pinteresting Wednesday is all about recipes we are loving. Everyone loves a delicious meal or savory dessert. Pinterest has some great options for that and everything in between. Enjoy!

Perfect garlic bread

Apple, brie, and honey bruschetta

Grilled chicken with lemon basil pasta

Eggs wrapped in bacon

Strawberry tiramisu

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


As some of you may know fall is the theme we are loving this week on Facebook so we decided to continue it for Pinteresting Wednesday. Here are some great DIY fall ideas we are loving!

Colorful wreath with your monogram

Glitter pumpkins

Foliage tags for treat bags

Wedding escort cards made from leaves

Pumpkins turned into candles

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Can you believe it is already Wednesday? So you know what that means, time for Pinteresting Wednesday link up with The Vintage Apple. Take a look at everything we are lusting over this week on Pinterest.

These look delicious, we will be trying them out soon

Creative and simple DIY wine bottles 

Loving this colorful bouquet

These chevron placements are perfect for the fall

A monogram guestbook 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Happy Pinteresting Wednesday! With fall in the air we wanted to share some fall fashion inspirations we are loving from Pinterest.

Casual fall outfit

A little more fancy feel

Perfect for the weekend

Add a pop of color

Monday, October 1, 2012


When it comes to illustrated invitations, there is one company that does it well. Our inspiration this month comes from Regine of Chic Pear Designs who specializes in modern yet feminine illustrations and designs. They create a variety of stationery items such as Save The Date Announcements, Invitations, Programs and even Cake Toppers.

We first met the owner of Chic Pear Designs after she contacted us through the Martha Stewart Dreamers into Doers online network. We love the touch of feminism in her illustrations and enthusiasm. All of her designs start on paper, from a sketch that she can turn into a unique personalized product.

She was gracious enough to be part of our inspiration series and we are excited to share her work.

And now to learn a little more about the face behind this custom artwork.

Tell us a little more about yourself?
Hi, thanks for having me! My name is Regine and I own an illustration & design studio, Chic Pear Designs. When I’m not in my studio, I am usually out and about enjoying the good weather! I enjoy outdoors activities such as outdoor concerts and festivals as well as biking, white-water rafting and kayaking. I also absolutely love arts and crafts projects so when I’m down, I know that I can count on such an activity to be a picker-upper for me :).

What are you inspired by?
I am inspired by fashion and nature. For that reason, I often incorporate those elements in the wedding paperie that I design. For example, I am often asked to create an illustration of the bride in her wedding dress or of the bride and groom in their wedding attire for usage on labels or coasters. I also like to incorporate a lot flowers and leaves in my designs. 

What is the process you go through to create the perfect custom illustration for a client?
I start out by conducting a consultation to get to know my clients and their vision. During that time, I also ask them for photos of elements from their event so that I can make sure what I’m designing matches their theme or décor. It’s really important to me that my clients feel connected to the final design, which represents their style and personality. Wedding invitations need to be elegant so I usually find a way to incorporate something that defines them while keeping it elegant. For example, if we’re working on an invitation, it could be as simple as incorporating their favorite color or the lace design from the bride’s dress or the wedding flowers or a religious symbol.  If we’re working on Save The Dates, there’s usually more leeway to be less formal. If so, I may incorporate an illustration of their pet or something related to their favorite sport. Once, I have an idea of what the invitation or item will include, I start by presenting  rough sketches. Then, I refine those sketches and provide some actual drafts. Throughout the process, I tweak the illustrations or the design to their liking…it’s a very iterative process. I also advise them based on my experience of what colors complement each other, what size will work best for what they are trying to achieve, etc…

Can you share one of your favorite projects you have done?
Geesh…I have so many…but I recently started designing custom guest books and those have been a lot of fun! The thing about filling out guest books is that guests never quite know what to say and they often fill them out with clichés as they are hurrying their way to their reception tables. Unfortunately, this attitude doesn’t make for a memorable keepsake for the newlyweds! A custom guestbook can help change that by guiding guests through a series of questions and it can also create an experience for the guests. Loose-leaf pages from the guestbook are displayed on a table for guests along with colored markers and perhaps even wedding themed stickers. The guests can take their page to their table and fill it out at their leisure. The guestbook pictured here was for a wedding with a romantic tropical paradise theme. As a result, I incorporated leaves in the design. I also illustrated the flowers from the wedding and created a pattern out of it for the custom binder I designed for the guestbook. Lastly, I created an illustration of the couple and incorporated it on each of the pages. Guests loved it!

Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Sure, my advice for brides is that when it comes to making a lasting impression on your guests, details matter! Details such as custom invitations and other wedding paperie will wow your guests and make your wedding an event to remember. When working with an invitation designer, ask them what they can do it to make your wedding standout. Lately, I’m doing a lot of cake toppers made out of illustrations of the bride and groom…guests remember that kind of stuff!

Thank you to Regine for joining us this month for our inspiration series. Remember, if you are looking for an artist to create a custom illustration to define your next event, contact Chic Pear Designs: