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As we said here, we meet people every day that inspire us. So we created a series on the Savvy Selebrations blog to introduce fans and followers to some of our favorite sources of inspiration. So far we’ve featured a photographer, graphic designer, make-up artist and a floral designer.

This month, we wanted to introduce you to a remarkable party stylist, Meredith from The Party Press. The Party Press first caught our attention in January 2012. We stumbled upon their blog and Facebook page. After reading about the owner Meredith on the blog, we liked her immediately! Her personal story, creative thinking and passion for entertaining are infectious. So we started to follow The Party Press and are delighted every week to see Meredith’s southern charmed filled status updates on our Facebook newsfeed. From weddings, baby showers, birthday parties – The Party Press has got it covered and with its spirited growth this year, it’s quickly becoming a vital source for party planners. Here are a few of our favorite events shared by The Party Press:

photo credit Melissa Jill Photography

photo credit Jamie Zanotti

photo credit Sweet Style

credit LAURA'S little PARTY

photo credit Bitz of Life Photography

This event was also featured on Hostess with the Mostess
photo credit Hemmerlein Photography

The Party Press provides wonderful visual inspiration, right?  Now, let's hear from Meredith who was gracious enough to answer a few questions from us.

Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know?  I met my sweet husband in college at Notre Dame. Upon graduating, we got married and the Cincinnati Bengals drafted him. Being a NFL wife came with a host of exciting events that you could never predict or plan for. In one year's time he played for three different teams, we lived in three different cities and had our second baby in the midst of all of it. I value "being settled" more than you could ever imagine but will remember that experience until the day I die! I met amazing friends whom I still keep in touch with and have made some great business connections along that road, as well. It was a roller coaster - but a fun one!

We read about MJ Paperie on your blog, how does it complement the work you do on The Party Press? It’s my golden rule to never style a party without coordinating paper goods. Paper goods are such a great way to add a touch of personalization to your event, so MJ Paperie is my go-to for all of the paper goods used for my parties. Events I style will always come with an MJ Paperie design! :)

How do you decide whether a party submission is good to share on The Party Press?  The Party Press is defined by the highly visual nature of the site.  Much like a magazine, the photos must be high quality and showcase a true representation of the party elements.  I feel so lucky to be able to connect with so many talented event planners and party stylists through my blog. I have seen so many GREAT parties submitted that weren't necessarily represented well because of quality of the image. If I have one piece of advice for any party stylist, it's to capture good, high quality photos - good detail shots are key!

What is the biggest trend you have seen in the party-planning industry? The biggest trend I've seen in the party-planning world is the elaborate use of "themes." A long time ago, people may have used a "theme in a box" approach for their party, Today, themes have gotten more clever, more elaborate, more detailed and CUTER than ever over the past 10 years. It's so inspiring and really brings these parties to life (and lights up the faces of little ones, too!).

What can we expect to see from The Party Press in 2012? I hope to bring even better ideas and inspiration to share with my fans and follower in 2012. I want to expand the "DIY Tutorials" section to give the everyday entertainer step-by-step instructions on how to make their own events bigger and better!

Thank you to Meredith for being a part of our series this month. Savvy Selebrations fans and followers, do yourself a huge favor, and follow The Party Press and MJ Paperie online – trust us, you won’t be disappointed:
The Party Press

MJ Paperie

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