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We met Nyah, owner of Nocturnelle Beauty, Nyah at a 2011 wedding conference and were immediately struck by her natural beauty as well as her fashion sense. After some discussion, we discovered she not only owns and operates her New York studio, but also has developed a line of natural beauty products line. Her drive and passion for her work is amazing! We absolutely love how she positions her business on the Nocturnelle Beauty website,
"I want every person who sits in my chair to feel as beautiful as they look on the outside as they are on the inside."

Nocturnelle Beauty Makeup Studio was created with the philosophy that everyone has an "inner beauty diva" and our beauty experts can help you unleash your inner vixen. Our professionals will work with you to achieve the best look that you envision, all while strategically contouring and color matching your skin to look as flawless as possible, and to bring out the most beautiful YOU.”

Now, let’s introduce you to Nyah.

How did you get started as a professional makeup artist?

My high school classes revolved around art and involved a lot of hours working on my portfolio to get into NYC's best art schools like Parson's or FIT. I eventually got involved with my high school's fashion show benefit and worked with the students backstage, applying makeup. After all, it probably wasn't too farfetched from putting brush strokes onto a canvas, right? It had its challenges but I enjoyed doing it.

There were a few scouts from Ford Models that picked up a few student models from the show. I thought to myself, this is definitely the life I want to live. Nine to five just wasn't cut out for me. That year, in 2003 I got accepted into FIT and started my career in the fashion industry. I interned at the then, Olympus Fashion Week (now known as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week) and slowly built my career as a makeup artist interning with photographers, fashion designers, and models. Later, I started working with MAC Cosmetics and learned most of my technique there; but it wasn't until my first wedding I did on my own that I realized what a demand there was for wedding makeup artists. I decided to completely pursue wedding makeup artistry and in 2010, opened up my own wedding makeup studio and makeup line.

We have seen many of your before and after shots, during consultations how do you work to develop the final makeup look for your clients?

As a makeup artist, you also have to earn the trust of your bride. And that trust starts from the day that I answer an email or phone call. That way, when you first meet me, you see a "familiar face" even though we have never met before, but the communication between us has established a relationship.

I also like to ask my brides to bring in pictures of makeup applications that they like that they have seen in a magazine. After looking at about three pictures, I will usually get an idea of what the bride is looking for. They can be three totally different looks, but once I break it down, I get a feel for the bride's style. The look also depends on the dress and general theme of the wedding, too. A daytime wedding may call for a softer look, whereas an evening wedding will have more of a dramatic feel.

Can you tell us about your Nocturnelle Beauty product line?

Sure. Nocturnelle Beauty is a skin-healthy makeup line that finishes with professional results. There are many makeup choices out there, but I wanted one that was good for your skin and came out beautifully when seen on camera and in person. The makeup line features 64 eye shadow colors, 36 lipstick shades, 25 foundation colors, and seven false eyelash styles. With choices like these, there's a color for everyone!

What would you say is your favorite event to provide services for?

My favorite event to provide makeup services is girl's night out. The look is usually more dramatic, and the ladies always want to do it up. It lets me tap into my creative side. And the ladies that are ready to get their party on will sip their champagne in our studio and will already be dancing to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”.

Any makeup trends or expert tips you’d like to share?

Makeup trends for weddings have definitely evolved in the past few years. The look used to be very clean, natural makeup on the eyes and a soft pink lip. Brides today are not afraid to show off a smokey eye and nude lip or soft eyes and a red lip.
The best tips that I can offer a bride are to RELAX during your beauty application. On your wedding day, your makeup application forces you to close your eyes. You should take this time to relax and make it your personal me time. This is the last hour that you will get to yourself before the photographers come in, your dress gets put on, and the crowds of people enter and surround you all day. 

The most important tip: KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. I suggest going through pictures about two weeks before your trial to pick out looks. You should be able to zero in on a specific look that you like. Your makeup artist can help you narrow it down, but you ultimately should know what you are looking for so that your makeup artist and you are on the same page. You should keep your trial to a maximum of two looks at one time. After that, it will become confusing and overwhelming yourself can create a lot of negative emotions. Your wedding should be what you visualize, and having a picture will give you and your makeup artist a great wedding makeup trial experience.
Thank you to Nyah for being a part of our inspirations series and we’re excited to hear that Nocturnelle Beauty was voted 2012 Best of Weddings by

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