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Ever receive a unique card or personal stationery from a friend or family member that you plan to cherish forever? That is the warm, long-lasting feeling we get when looking through the fine stationery products available from Social Proper. Elizabeth Eadie’s hand-painted cards in soft watercolor patterns and hues offer a simple, yet proper aesthetic that we absolutely love.

Such a pretty line of stationery for paper lovers!
Elizabeth Eadie is truly an inspiration. Over a cup of coffee last summer, we learned about her design style and drive to launch her stationery line. It’s been a while since we chatted with Elizabeth, so we were happy that she agreed to allow us to feature her on our blog.

When did you launch Social Proper?
Social Proper officially launched in August 2011. I wanted to start small so I painted and painted until I came up with eight designs to open the line with. I ultimately decided to start even smaller with four debut cards. This spring I’m releasing two more of the original eight so, in a way, it still feels like I’m just launching.

What has been the most rewarding part of launching Social Proper?
Had you asked me a month ago, I would have said that I love knowing that my cards are connecting with people. At the end of the day, that’s what my business is all about and I’m so happy I can create something that helps people connect and identify with each other.

I’ve just started to take on a very small number of bespoke clients. Their projects are more work and more costly but working with individuals who come to me for my design aesthetic is an amazing and humbling experience. I love using my skills to help people tell the stories of their lives.

How would you categorize your design style?
Clean and graphic. I know I get categorized as feminine all the time! Ok, I have a light touch. I’m drawn to lines and simple patterns and I love white space. I think the Social Proper line has a carefree quality to it as well. The simple hand-drawn lettering and not-perfectly-perfect elements remind you that each piece starts as a drawing and painting done by hand.

The Social Proper product line is available online and in select retailers, do you foresee further expansion in 2012?
Why, yes I do! Social Proper is in the process of expanding to retailers in New Zealand  and Brooklyn, NY with hopes of more expansion this calendar year. The line itself will add two or three new product categories.

We love the look of textured paper used for your product line. How and why did you decide to go with this type of paper?
Thank you! I experimented with paper stocks quite a bit in the beginning. I was looking for a balance between a good quality heavy paper stock and it being eco-friendly as well. I ended up using the current stock for its weight and because it is partially made of post consumer waste.

Whether you are sending a sweet note to your friend for Valentine’s Day or sending a thank you note to a party hostess, we think you’ll find a Social Proper hand-painted card to make a lasting impression. Stay connected with Social Proper:
Twitter @socialproper
Elizabeth has been so kind to extend a generous offer to our Savvy readers. 


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