Tuesday, July 19, 2011


As a Twitter follower, Facebook fan or reader of our blog, you may have noticed Savvy Selebrations loves sweets! As a lover of sweets, we tend to go to a lot of bakeries to see new ideas, to eat, to enjoy the baked eye candy, to eat, to scout for new vendors, to try new flavor combinations (that is eating also), and to see the newest trends.

So we wanted to share our recent visits to two bakeries.

First up - Eleni's New York in Chelsea Market

After we visited Eleni's we understand why they are among the elite and considered a creative bakery. The Chelsea Market location is bustling with people just like us who want to get a glimpse at these sweet treats. Not only that, but we wanted to taste it too and see the catalog of options.

The overwhelming smell of sugary confections filled the air as soon as we opened the door - SUGAR HIGH. It was a very bright store that pops with colors from the baked goods. The extra cheery staff was amazingly helpful too. Here are some pics of our from our visit.

Everything is simple and clean here.The downside of Eleni's is that they are pricey and it seems their cupcakes look better than they taste. The thing that wow'ed us was not the cupcakes but the decorated cookies and after 5pm they offer half priced cupcakes...best time to buy! The New York themed decorated cookie set are adorable.

And so were these!

Overall our visit to Eleni's was great. Now that we have had the product, maybe next time we just come back for visual inspiration...window shopping it is!

Next up - SAS cupcakes (SAS = Sweet And Sassy) in Newark, DE

A trip to University of Delaware is not complete without a trip to Main Street. While at lunch on Main Street, we spotted a cupcake shop on our way to the restaurant and made a note to stop there for dessert afterwards. Apparently Sweet and Sassy is a Newark original- who knew! The cupcakes were very tasty and the shop is filled with all sorts of party merchandise. Cupcakes and party planning supplies = heaven for us. Here are some highlights from our visit...

Overall a great visit to SAS cupcakes and the margarita cupcake with lime buttercream frosting was well worth the extra calories and subsequent desire to go run a mile to burn off the lbs...OK maybe ten miles.

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Manny Fresh said...

Thanks for hitting me in the sweet tooth. I've never thought to peak inside a bakery unless I'm in the mood for a treat until now. It's like a world of make-believe. Good pics. Good blog.


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