Saturday, April 2, 2011


Cake pops, macaron pops, pie pops, even cinnamon bun pops, all these mini treats are the biggest craze in the the event planning industry.  A lot of the reason anything on a lollipop stick has become so popular is all thanks for Bakerella. Check her out at:

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So, we were looking for a quick and easy DIY way to make something a "pop" without having to bake (we love to bake but don't always have the time) and something that would be appropriate for Easter. We happened to come across these well-known lovelies while shopping and running errands last weekend.

You know them well, I am sure. It reminded us how much we LOVE PEEPS® Brand Marshmallow Candies!  And have loved them for a very long time. Always looking forward to them every Easter to show up in our baskets. Hmmmm, why not make these childhood treats into a pop!  Good idea. And here are the DIY steps:

Step 1:
Detach one PEEP. You will also need a lollipop stick and small clear favor bag.

Step 2
Place PEEP on lollipop stick.

Step 3
Place PEEP in small clear favor bag.
Step 4
Add ribbon.

Step 5
And repeat until you have done a few. Add all of them to a cute Easter themed pail with basket filler as  the support.

Enjoy these DIY PEEP pops while they last!

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