Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pre-Valentine's Day Event - EAT. PRAY. LOVE!

Eat. Pray. Love!
In the movie the main character Liz goes to Italy to eat, India to pray, and Bali for love. For this Valentine’s theme we decided to stay in Italy and designed an event focused on romance, food and good company.
Italy is the country of love, right? So why not celebrate the textures, the wine and the food at an intimate dinner party. To kick-off the event, we created these invites to give guests a hint of what to expect.
Invite designed on, which featured Penne pasta shaped into a heart on a wooden cutting board.
And these cute aprons were created on - so appropriate for this cooking event!
The hosts of this event invited close friends to join in the fun. The four course menu was executed by the guests—in fact each couple was responsible for preparing a portion of the meal and there were fun, flirting Valentine’s Day themed games played throughout the evening.  We created a simple dessert table and menu:
Double Tomato Bruschetta
Balsamic-glazed Cipollini Onions
Asiago Cheese Puffs

Caprese Salad
Caesar Salad

Pesto Pasta
Spinach Lasagna Roll-ups
Chicken Parmigiana
Italian Meatballs

Tiramisu Dessert Cups
Valentine’s Themed Chocolate Tops
Valentine’s Themed Cupcakes 


It was a great event all around where guests got to eat great food, pray over a wonderfully prepared meal with close friends and share this special night with their love.


Sandi said...

What an awesome party! Such a creative theme! the aprons are adorable, and I love the dessert table.

KCE said...

Thanks, Sandi for your comment! It was a lot of fun to do.

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