Saturday, October 23, 2010


Saturdays are our favorite day of the week. It is our favorite day to relax, rewind as well as accomplish our event to-do lists. It is traditionally the most popular day of the week to get married. Saturday nights are also the busiest and best night for fundraisers and in large cities especially landmark galas. Accordingly to Saturdays are also the best day of the week to shop at a department stores.  With all of these Saturday quick facts, we decided to name one Saturday of each month “Savvy Saturdays” in which we will share festive tips, DIY projects or inspirations.

This Savvy Saturday we selebrate…..

Well-design dessert displays

Amethyst and cranberry pops of color, textures and servers of varying heights will captivate guests as shown in this holiday themed Crate & Barrel dessert buffet. We are inspired by the use of traditional servers and contemporary shaped sculptural glass jar as the foundation for dramatic displays.  The festive color scheme is tied together seamlessly throughout the choice of desserts and decorative accents.  Kudos to Crate & Barrel for this tablescape inspiration! We hope the dessert buffet trend continues as we can truly envision how they can stylishly be used for birthday parties, holiday events, showers, weddings and more.

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