Saturday, September 11, 2010


Set off an evening soiree with the eclectic vibe of a Moroccan-inspired party theme... a fun choice for a festive dinner or bridal celebrations! Artistic details like jewel-toned candles, rich fabrics, Casbah style lanterns, tea infused cocktails, and colorful glassware add that extra sparkle.

• Make good use of the floor: For a cozy event, use low tables and floor pillows as d├ęcor and for seating. You can even ask guest to BYOP (bring your own pillow) this way you will have plenty of eclectic color pop in the room and seating for everyone.
• Use themed accessories like Casbah style lanterns and candleholders. You can even decorate paper lanterns with decorative trims or colorful satin ribbon.
• Create colorful dessert buffet: 
Create a festive dessert buffet featuring a chocolate fountain and several bite-sized desserts and treats. Keep to the theme by displaying all of the treats in colored glass and shimmery gold serving trays and containers.

Friday, September 10, 2010


We are inspired by  20 new wedding color combos. Especially the feature on the hot new color combo: Teal + Orange + Cerulean. We featured this wedding color combo in our Islamorada, FL destination wedding! See our wedding invitation in the inspiration board shown on

Teal + Orange + Cerulean

Good for: Beach or destination weddings.
Tips for pulling it off: If you do wed by the sea (and even if you don't!), accent your decor with ocean-inspired details like starfish or shells.

Friday, September 3, 2010


Savvy Selebrations targeted towards men should take the interests and hobbies of the guest of honor as the guide for planned activities - but also interests of invited friends should also be taken into consideration. Size of the event can range from large parties with friends to a small, intimate event for close friends and family. Here are some ideas to get the process started:

Game Night
1.  Organize a night full of cosmic manly martini cocktails and a Wii game competition among friends. Serve hand held appetizers and snacks that the party guests can eat while playing the Wii. Decorate a sheet cake to look like a Wii console, have plenty of cocktail glasses on hand like the Dizzy Cocktail Glass from Crate and Barrel at $1.95 a glass (with its sculpted, rounded foot and wide V shape, this modern glass really rocks—and is equally stylish for cocktails straight up) and variety of Wii game group play options.

Sporting Event
2.  Sports fans will enjoy a Savvy B Selebration at a local sporting event. Purchase tickets to an event featuring the guest of honor's favorite sports team and invite friends along. Rent a VIP box at the event if it falls within the party budget. This will allow his friends to enjoy the sporting event and socialize.  Check out for sporting events in your area.

3.  Host a barbeque for a manly selebration. Tie a card with the party information to a sample-sized bottle of barbecue sauce for a unique party invitation. Give the guest of honor the night off from the grill. Assign someone else the task of grilling his favorite meat. Invite the guest of honor's close friends and family to the barbecue. Provide outdoor games and entertainment, along with his favorite music. Move the barbecue to a park or recreation area if you need more room. Need recipe ideas? always serves up the best.

Live Entertainment
4.  Planning an event at one of his favorite entertainment venues is sure to be a hit!  Create music theme invites, a compilation CD of his favorite artists hits as well as a cake in the shape of his favorite musical instrument. Rent a private area in the event venue and invite friends and family to join in the musical fun.