Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Eclectic…traditional…couture...modern? So many choices to leave a lasting impression on your guests.   Your event style is often brought together through the use of color, texture, shape and finishes. Establishing your event style is the foundation for the entire planning process-- it is our personal approach along with executional elements that makes your event stand out from others.

When we start designing the vision for our events, the first thing we do is to ask our clients “what is your event style?”  This often gives us clues are to what they like and are inspired by. Inspiration boards are usually how the creative process begins—we tell our clients "don’t look at the individual elements within each board but the collection of elements together" to get a sense of the overall style. We let our clients know that the specific executional elements such as color palettes can be adjusted—focus on the big picture!  Once we establish your style and color palette, we can meet to talk more in detail about your wish list for your event and other details.

Enjoy these event style inspiration boards!

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