Thursday, August 12, 2010


We are in the midst of planning a birthday affair for a two year old.  While this age group can be great fun especially for little girls—think princess costumes and tiaras!  You should remember that toddler won’t have any expectations, so ensure you spend your time and money on things that we keep them happy and entertained. 

Who to invite
About three to eight toddler friends is perfect. Parents will need to stay, so you should have plenty of help and support.
Mornings or lunch time can be a good time for the party, especially if your toddler’s birthday falls at the weekend. Keep the party short and sweet due to the toddler’s nap schedule. 
Games and activities
Most children of this age love dressing up, so keep a box of dressing-up clothes handy.  Simple but structured games with clear instructions are always entertaining. Outside, a bouncy castle may work well, but you will need a large garden space and plenty of supervision.  
Choosing a venue
Home is still the best place, but you also book space at a toddler indoor play area nearby like Gymboree if you are expecting a lot of guests.
What food to serve
Food will need to look colorful and inviting in small portions. Animal-shaped sandwiches, bite-size pieces of cucumber and tomato and mini bagel pizzas are always popular. Remember that you will also have adults there also so plan to have food options for the parents as well.
For the cake choose a bold, instantly recognizable design, possibly of your child's favorite television character or shaped like one of their favorite toys

Choosing a theme
Opting for a theme depends on your child's likes or dislikes. A jungle theme is always a winner at this age. Aim for animal musical rhymes, animal-shaped foods and animal costumes. You may find that party supply store like Party City may have helpful suggestions for themed party packs, decorations and more. 
Party bags
Customize the party bag contents to match the theme, but don't spend a fortune. Be aware of too many cheap sweets, which are usually high fructose corn syrup and anything with nut or milk due to child allergies. Learning toys, healthy snacks and magic painting books are a good starting point for party bag fillers. 

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Matt Voges said...

Playing with bouncy castle your kids will think them like a king/queen because we have great castle theme. Besides There are many theme of our bounce castle. You can rent one which your kids like most.

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