Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Green is in.
At your next party or special event, there are a lot of ways to not only make your guests happy with food and entertainment but also focus on making your event eco-friendly, which leaves a lasting impression for your guests and helps to protect our environment.

It is easier then you might think, here are a few quick tips:

        1. As much as Savvy Selebrations loves printed invitations, consider going paperless by sending an Evite. If you love printed invitations as much as we do…always print them through a reputable invitation company who uses a sustainable process with soy ink as well as recycled paper.

       2. Buy "local" as much as possible. This means getting your cake from a nearby bakery (simply ask them to use organic ingredients), choosing a nearby florist - preferably one with a selection of seasonal and organic flowers that were grown local, visit a local organic farm or market to grab your vegetables, bread and cheeses. Check out these eco-friendly food and drinks ideas from Epicurious.com.

       3. Conserve energy and create a romantic glow by placing lit candles everywhere. Use soy or beeswax candles, which, unlike petroleum-based paraffin candles, won't emit toxic fumes.

       4. Remember to recycle any paper, metal, plastic and glass bottles after your event is over.

For more eco-friendly news, tips and advice on how to reduce your carbon footprint, visit The Daily Green  at: www.thedailygreen.com.

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